The list of possible music available these day for a Bali Wedding is almost unlimited. From traditional Gamelan, Rindik, Batak Quartet, to Live Bands, DJ’s and String Quartets, We have an extensive range of music for you to choose from and can provide you with packages on any of the below items, If there’s something in particular you are looking for that we haven’t listed please send us a message by using the form at the bottom of the page.

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The popular traditional and exciting Gamelan, either escorting the bride to the ceremony location which makes one very grand entrance, stopping for the ceremony and then recommencing after the ceremony and playing for a short time, or playing at the ceremony location prior to the ceremony for your guests entertainment, changing their tune to announce the brides arrival and then playing for a short time after the ceremony.

Gamelan with 3 Traditional Balinese Dance Performances
This is a popular choice of entertainment if you are having something such as a canapés and cocktail hour providing your guests with some traditional entertainment with the Gamelan playing and Balinese dancers performing three traditional dances providing approximately 45 minutes of lively entertainment.

Rindik & Suling
For something traditional with light tunes, we would recommend Rindik & Suling, which you would find most suitable for a ceremony, with playing to commence just prior to the brides arrival, stopping for the ceremony and recommencing after the ceremony for a short time. We also have packages on Rindik Duo or Trio for you to select from.

Batak Quartet
With their strong Sumatran harmonies offering you a choice in the composition of the players with bass guitar, bongo and guitar playing 3 x 45 minute sets, being popular entertainment for your guests prior to your ceremony, a meaningful song for the brides arrival, canapés & cocktail hour, reception dinner or as post reception entertainment.

Acoustic Guitarist
A single or duo acoustic guitarist is an entertaining addition to any part of a ceremony or function, playing a memorable song to the bride and groom for their ceremony, entertaining guests during their canapés and cocktail hour, background music for a reception dinner, or as post reception dinning entertainment.

String Quartet or Trio
We can offer the services of a String Quartet or Trio which is a popular choice for a ceremony, light background music whilst your guests enjoy canapés and cocktails or during your reception dinner. The String Quartet consists of 3 violinists and 1 cello and String Trio 2 violinist and 1 cello.

A band as always is a popular entertainment choice for a function and we can offer a 7 piece band, playing all styles of music incorporating your favorite tunes, or you may have more specific requirements on the songs you would like played throughout the course of the evening and provide us with a song list.

A DJ is a very popular choice for your music requirements, with light background music for your dinning, then moving forward into the evening playing your favorite pop, rock, reggae or jazz tunes for a night of dancing. We also have various lighting options available should you require such and a mobile karaoke system if you have some singers among your group wanting to strut their stuff and can again offer various packages.


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