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Bali is now open

Bali is now open, heres what you need to know

Bali’s borders have been closed since March 2020 and ever since couples wanting to marry in Bali have been waiting for them to open. October 14th 2021 saw Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport reopen and on February 3rd 2022, the first international flight landed on the island. All though Bali’s borders are open there are still a few rules and regulations visitors must follow in order to be allowed into the country.

What you’ll need

  • A card or certificate of receipt of COVID-19 vaccine and a negative RT-PCR test result is mandatory.
  • A Short Visit Visa or other entry permits in accordance with applicable laws and regulations are required. Note: Free and paid visa on arrival options have been discontinued due to the pandemic.
  • Visitors must have proof of ownership of health insurance with a minimum coverage value of $25,000, which includes financing for handling COVID-19.
  • Travelers must present proof of booking confirmation and payment for accommodation from the accommodation provider while staying in Indonesia.

Before boarding your flight, travelers must complete the following…..

  • Provide a full-dose vaccination certificate (at least 14 days before arrival)
  • Download the PeduliLindungi app for iOS or Android
  • Register e-PCR on the app. All test results must have a BarCode/QRCode and be from an Approved Government Lab
  • Verify your e-Hac – a health alert identification for screening and monitoring purposes
  • Register e-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration)
  • Provide the proof of your quarantine hotel booking
  • Prepare negative PCR result (2×24 hours before arrival)
  • Prepare immigration documents
  • Prepare travel insurance

Once you’ve landed travelers must do the following…

  • Go to the arrival terminal
  • Thermo Scanner – For body temperature below 38°C, proceed to the next step  – For body temperature exceeding 38°C, a further medical examination will be done immediately. If all health requirements are good, proceed to the next step. If not, travelers will be referred to the nearest hospital
  • Head to the Port Health Office
  • Enter medical documents check
  • Scan e-HAC QR code
  • Tap QR code
  • Then, get a PCR Swab – Taking PCR swab sample – Scan QR code
  • Head to immigration
  • Collect your bag from the conveyor belt
  • Go through customs and scan e-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration) QR code
  • Head to the holding area and wait for your RT-PCR result
  • Exit Control Desk – Tap QR code – Hotel & transport registration
  • If your test result is positive, you will have to head to the nearest hospital
  • If your test result is negative, head to the pick-up zone to stay at a quarantine hotel for 5 days

Quarantine rules when in Bali…

  • All travelers will be required to undergo mandatory quarantine following their arrival despite the vaccine:
  • Foreign nationals who have not received the full dose vaccine are required to undergo quarantine for 7 nights.
  • Foreign nationals who have received the full-dose vaccines are required to undergo quarantine for 5 nights.
  • A day before the quarantine period ends, another RT-PCR test will be conducted. If the test shows a negative result, on the last day of quarantine, you will be declared for completed quarantine. Meanwhile, if the RT-PCR test shows positive results then you will have to undergo the following procedures:
  • 1. Treatment in centralized isolation facilities for those who are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.
  • 2. Treatment at a referral hospital for those who show moderate or severe symptoms.
  • The cost of treatment for Indonesian citizens will be borne by the government. As for foreign travelers, the cost of treatment will be borne independently.

Getting to Bali

Although Bali is now open there are only a few international airlines that are flying directly into Bali, these are Garuda (from Narita, Japan), Batik Air, and Singapore Airlines.


While we are extremely happy Bali’s borders are now open we can’t forget, plans do change, Covid case’s can surge and the government can at any time close its borders in order to bring numbers down. Indonesia’s central government has shown strong support for Bali to open considering other holiday designations such as Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and many other Asian countries now allow people to travel freely via Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) without quarantine.



Diana Atma Negara is the founder of Bali Wedding Solutions. In 2011 Diana opened her own Wedding planning and Events company in Bali and has been planning stunning events along with her husband for the last 10 years. Diana is passionate about music, dance and photography. She is a foodie, loves a well-mixed cocktail, and has an exceptional talent with color and design.  

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Bali is now open, heres what you need to know

Bali is now open, heres...

Bali's borders have been closed since March 2020 and ever since couples wanting to marry in Bali have been waiting…